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Talk: The Zen Path & Three Ways of Meditation
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Our Buddhist layman will guide you on a journey of Zen ('Chan' in Chinese). From its origins in India to localized Chinese Chan, and the Tibetan way of meditation. During the session you will also experience Zen for yourself, through guided meditations which will set you on the path to a more balanced mind and life.

The 3C's of Zen

 Concept of Zen - Narrow sense and broad sense
 Core of Zen C Four Dharma Seals and Bodhicitta
 Content of Zen C Precepts, Meditation and Wisdom

The 3R's of Zen

 Release the stress of now C emotion, breathing, body
 Remaining in the peace and ease of daily life C work, relationships, communication
 Recovering original nature C enlightenment step by step

The 3G's of Zen

 The Gate of insight meditation in South-east Asia (Nei Guan)
 The Gate of Chinese Chan (Gong An)
 The Gate of Tibetan mediation (Zhong Guan)
 The relationship and inter-practice between three Gates

The talk will be in English.

Venue: China Culture Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
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