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Chinese Folk & Minority Dance Class
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Traditional Chinese dances has thousand years of history. Although there are many different style of folk dances and 20 more ethnic minority styles, major dance collages or institutes usually train five major categories: traditional folk dance of Han Chinese (yangge, or ribbon, handkerchief, feather fan dances); Tibetan dance, Uigur dance, Mongolian dance and Korean dance.

CCC will also select the above mentioned five major dances, but Korean dance will be replaced by Dai ethnic Minority dance, which become more and more popular while Korean one is not easy to learn for beginners.

CCC invite Ms. Ding, professional dancer and veteran teacher of China National Songs & Dance Troupe.

Schedule for the 10 classes:

Tibetan dance: Class 1-2
Mongolian dance: Class 3-4
Uigur dance: Class 5-6
Dai dance: Class 7-8
Han folk dance: Class 9-10

Venue: China Culture Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
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