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Discussion: Comparison of East & West
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Emma Tao White, a visiting Chinese American psychologist, will lead a discussion on a comparison of the East and West. She will discuss multiple aspects of both traditions - from recent social changes in China, shared values, families dynamics to psychology and behavior. The audience will be encouraged to share their observations. Some local Chinese will be invited to join the debate. The discussion and debate will be in English.

Ms. Emma has worked as a psychologist in the Bay Area for many years. She has worked with senior citizens in residential facilities and is the creator of "Life Stories", a writing group for senior citizens. She has facilitated parenting and menopause support groups.

The first 10 years of her life, Emma lived in Shanghai and Hong Kong. She has come back to China many times since 1982. CCC is pleased to invite her to speak during her short stay in Beijing.

Venue: China Culture Center, Beijing, China


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