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Book Club: Book Report
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This month, we will discuss many books during our meeting. Each participant should choose their own China-related book, read it, and share information about the book with the other participants at the monthly meeting.

The book chosen can be any book written by a Chinese author or written by a foreigner about some aspect of China. Choose fiction or non-fiction, historical or modern, prose or poetry - whatever interests you! For our monthly meeting, be prepared to tell the other participants about your chosen book - themes discussed, impressions made, recommendations for various audiences, etc. The other participants will also want to ask some questions of you about the book.

The discussion will be informal and we will spend about 10 minutes on each book. If you do not have the opportunity to choose and read a book, please attend the meeting anyway, to hear about many interesting reading possibilities.

About CCC Chinese Book Club

The CCC Book Club is one of the earlist book clubs targeting expariates living in Beijing and the only book meeting groups focusing on China-related books for the international community.

At the CCC's Book Club, participants are assigned a great book to read (or selected chapters) and then asked to discuss its meanings with other book club members, using their own interpretations. All assigned books (mostly China-related fiction and non-fiction, a mix of classics and modern ones in English or with English translation) are available at CCC library and bookshop or at major foreign-language book stores where participants are encouraged to purchase their own copies.

You are also welcome even though you may not have read a single page of the book yet. Just join our discussion!

CCC Book Club day group:
10:30 am, every third Wednesday of the month.
CCC Book Club Evening Group:
7:30 pm, every second Thursday of the month
Note: sometimes the date is different because of holidays. So check the monthly calendar for the most up to date info during the month.
Venue: Chiina Culture Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

For more tours, classes and activities, please check our monthly calendar for the updates.


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