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Workshop: Overview of Taichi Quan
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Come and join this one time overview instruction, learn the history and basic philosophy of Taichi and Yin Yang concept, understand how ancient masters practice Taichi in traditional way, from movements to breathing and mind cultivation. The teacher will focus on health (yangsheng in Chinese) cultivation & meditative exercise for the body, aiming to foster a calm and tranquil mind.

The English-speaking Taichi master will guide you through this mind/body experience.
Where: China Culture Center, Beijing, China.
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What is Taichi Quan ?

For those who are not familiar with taichi Quan, it can perhaps be thought of as a moving form of yoga and meditation combined.
Tai chi Quan (tàijíquán; ) is an internal Chinese martial art often practiced for health reasons. Tai chi is typically practiced for a variety of other personal reasons: its hard and soft martial art technique, demonstration competitions, health and longevity. Consequently, a multitude of training forms exist, both traditional and modern, which correspond to those aims. Some of tai chi chuan's training forms are well known to Westerners as the slow motion routines that groups of people practice together every morning in parks around the world, particularly in China. Today, tai chi has spread worldwide. Most modern styles of tai chi trace their development to at least one of the five traditional schools: Chen, Yang, Wu/Hao, Wu and Sun.

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