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Talk: How to Appreciate Chinese Calligraphy
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Join us for this in-depth presentation about the art of Chinese Calligraphy, created to show individuals how to fully appreciate this captivating art form. Learn about the traditional concepts behind this ancient practiceits basic elements as well as the typical styles. Furthermore, learn about calligraphys historical background and the role that it plays in Chinese culture.

After understanding the foundational system behind this form of art, compare its technique and style with that of western artjust how different are they? Next, examine calligraphy through the artists eyes. What does it take to become a calligraphermentally and physically? Your knowledge of the essential tenets of calligraphy will be complete as the teacher explains the fascinating process of creating a piece of calligraphy work and the complex skills that it requires from the artist.

The power point presentation will be done in English. You will have chance to see the master to write and try your own hands using the brushes.

Venue: China Culture Center, Beijing, China.
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