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Ba Zi Destiny Analysis Course
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Bazi Destiny Analysis (Beginner) Course.

Chinese Fortune Telling, better known as suan ming (Chinese: , literally "fate calculating") has utilized many varying divination techniques throughout the dynastic periods. There are several methods still in practice today in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. They remain in use due to their accuracy and popularity.

Among these practices, Bazi () is undoubtly the most popular of Chinese Fortune Telling methods, and the most accessible one. It has many variants in practice the most simple one called: "Ziping Bazi" ƽ, invented by Master Ziping (Song Dynasty).

Generally it involves taking four components of the hour of birth, day, month and year. From the birth data, it is then arranged into Four Pillars converted from a Jiazi calendar. The Four Pillars are then analyzed against the Daymaster from the Heavenly Stem and the Earthly Branch in the pillars.

It is a form of Astrology as opposed to Fortune Telling or Divination, and tells one about his or her destiny in life, current situation and area for most successful occupation with no reference to any religion or whatsoever.

About the Trainer:
Alvin Ang from Singapore has been a Bazi practitioner and trainer for several years in his home town. He is currently living in Beijing and has continued with his passion and research on Chinese metaphysics here in china. As a BaZi practitioner, Alvin aims to provide individuals with an keen interest in discovering one's destiny through an understanding and knowledge of how to interpret the opportunities and obstacles that lies ahead such that we can plan our actions accordingly.

The course will be in small group of 4-6 people and in 8 sessions, each session 2 hours. The presentation will be in English.

Venue: China Culture Center, Beijing, China.

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