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Book Club: Ancient Chinese poems
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Book of the Month: "100 Ancient Chinese Poems"

This book or any other bilingual books on ancient Chinese are available at major foreign-language book stores. You are also welcome even though you may not have read a single page of the book yet. Just join our discussion!

Price: free of charge (tea and snack provided)

Venue: Chinese Culture Club, Beijing, China.


Here are some recommended poem names and their authors:

On Drinking by Tao Yuanming
A Tranquil Night by Li Bai
Coming Across Li Guinian on the Southern Shore by Du Fu
Coming Home by He Zhizhang
To Sons by Lu You

About CCC Book Club:

The CCC Book Club is one of the earlist book clubs targeting expariates living in Beijing and the only book meeting groups focusing on China-related books for the international community.

At the CCC' s Book Club, participants are assigned a great book to read (or selected chapters) and then asked to discuss its meanings with other book club members, using their own interpretations. All assigned books (mostly China-related fiction and non-fiction, a mix of classics and modern ones in English or with English translation) are available at CCC library and bookshop or at major foreign-language book stores where participants are encouraged to purchase their own copies. You are also welcome even though you may not have read a single page of the book yet. Just join our discussion!

Booklist:  Click here to view the whole booklist of the past meetings.

CCC Book Club day group:
10:30 am, every third Wednesday of the month.

CCC Book Club Evening Group:
7:30 pm, every third Thursday of the month

Note: sometimes the date is different because of holidays. So check the monthly calendar for the most up to date info during the month.

Venue: China Culture Center, Beijing, China.

For more tours, classes and activities, please check our monthly calendar for the updates.


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