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Talk: The Truth about Eunuchs
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The Truth about Eunuchs not only overviews the history of eunuch, but also clears the air about many misconceptions that exists about Chinese eunuchs. The talk will explain what a eunuch was (probably not what most people think), the effects of castration, what the emperors used them for and why, and where they came from. Were they all villains, as some Chinese scholar-officials made out?

Come along and hear the truth. The talk will be in English. Researcher Tang from China History Archives in the Forbidden City will be on hand to answer questions. Tang has been working over 30 years in the China History Archives, and is the author of "Ming and Qing Dynasty Eunuch."

The talk will be illustrated by many pictures. Please note that the subject of eunuchs and castration is not suitable for children or adults of a sensitive nature.


>> a complete history and introduction to eunuchs
>> many pictures and videos to be illustrated to the talk
>> The talk will be in English with Eunuch expert on hand from the Forbidden city China Archives (may not be on hand for every talk).

>> more photos

Venue:China Cultrue Center, Beijing, China.

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