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Sleeping on the Great Wall
KennethFab United Arab Emirates 2017.09.11 12:12
KennethFab United Arab Emirates 2017.09.07 23:00
KennethFab United Arab Emirates 2017.09.07 20:13
KennethFab United Arab Emirates 2017.09.07 08:56
KennethFab United Arab Emirates 2017.09.07 05:53
KennethFab United Arab Emirates 2017.09.07 00:36
KennethFab United Arab Emirates 2017.09.06 10:07
KennethFab United Arab Emirates 2017.09.06 06:38
KennethFab United Arab Emirates 2017.09.03 23:45
KennethFab United Arab Emirates 2017.09.03 20:15
KennethFab United Arab Emirates 2017.09.03 09:08
Dorothy Germany I'm living in China 2014.07.20 17:58
A really good experience in a small group of 8! Amazing landscape, the "wild" Great Wall and almost noone else out there. It`s one of the best things to do if you want to escape the crowded noisy city, go for hiking, breathe some fresh air and be in nature for a weekend.
Everything is well organised, all camping stuff provided (including sleeping bag, pillow, mattress etc.), plenty of food and beverage, very nice CCC and local guides... you just have to take you hiking shoes, prepare for weather conditions like heat and some rain in summertime and ... go. You will love it.
Louise Burton Australia I'm living in China 2011.08.08 10:10
Such an amazing experience to experience it late evening and at first light, as well as a stunning hike the next day. WOW! We would highly recommend this trip for anyone looking for a more off beat way to see the Wall, it was truly magicial. Excellent guides, plentiful food and drinks, good fun.

Hints: Take your own small pillow and sleeping sheet as these are not provided, and if possible, check the group size. Whilst it is advertised on the website that the maximum group size is 10, we had 21 passengers plus guides.( I think some of the uniqueness of the trip should be the escape from crowds.)
Susan United States I'm visiting China 2011.08.03 14:25
My family of four (including 12- and 15-year-olds) enjoyed this trip tremendously! In addition to gorgeous weather and incredible guides - Muyi, Cherry and Mr. Wang - the isolation of Jinshanling made the trip unforgettable. At one point, my spouse and I looked ahead and the only people we could see were our two children, walking on a section of the wall with no other people around, surrounded by the unbelievable scenery. Priceless! After the crowds and craziness of the city, Jinshanling was just what we needed. The meals were delicious, the bedding comfortable under a blanket of stars, and the hiking strenuous but manageable. The guides provided plenty of information and we always felt like we were in capable hands. We only wish we'd brought light, long pants for the walk through the brush. Other than that, Sleeping on the Wall has been the highlight of our six weeks in Beijing!
Grace Tanno Brazil I'm living in China 2011.07.31 21:09
Highly recommended! Scenery is amazing and all the arrangements by CCC made it a very pleasant trip! In a few words, not to be missed!
Chris Germany I'm visiting China 2009.05.12 08:05
This war certainly one of the best days of my life - not kidding!
The german word for unbelievable is "unglaublich", and so it was. Perfectly organized, very nice guides, lots of food and beverages, and the stunning, amazing, wonderful, fabulous Wall, at day and at night - and without tourists!
It was a bit cold between 4 and 6 a.m., but then we got hot coffee and tea and even german muesli!
The hiking is not always easy but truly unforgettable. So: Compliments to the CCC - and thank you for making that happen. I would do it again anytime... ;-)))
Chris from Cologne
mel brecknell United Kingdom I'm living in China 2008.11.10 11:45
the walk was moderate in difficulty some level of fitness was needed. But we had plenty of time and everyone int he group managed it without feeling pressurised
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