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Hunan's Zhangjiajie Forest Park and Phoenix Town (Feng Huang)
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Wong Meng Hui Emily Singapore I'm living in China 2010.04.21 18:32
Fenghuang is so touristy. Huoluping village and Zhangjiajie made the trip worthwhile. Heard that Lonely Planet was going to film a few days after our visit to Huoluping, so Huoluping might become another Yangshuo? Zhangjiajie is under-rated; very beautiful.
Susan United States I'm living in China 2008.07.07 17:17
A once in a lifetime trip! Highly recommended for all who want to see and experience parts of China that are off the beaten track. Beautiful scenery and wonderful people!
Guest Germany I'm living in China 2008.05.19 10:10
We loved this trip - especially the time we spent at Huoluping village! The cave is really "out of this world" and the scenery at the park is fantastic. This is a "must see" area of China!

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