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Camel-riding & Camping in Mongolian Desert and Jeep Surfing Sand Dunes
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Marie United States I'm living in China 2012.10.29 16:34
Great short trip for families with adventurous kids. My children ( 15,13 and 10) loved it!
Depending on the driver you have, the Jeep ride in the desert may be scary for younger kids, unless they love roller-coaster rides.
The best meal by far (tasty, clean and lots of it) was in the home of the Muslim village chief.
Olga Frolova Russia I'm living in China 2010.10.22 14:14
Thank you for the wonderful experience and excellent service.
Paula Phipps United Kingdom I'm living in China 2010.10.22 14:06
I was happy with the trip and would gladly recommend others. Guides were excellent and went out of their way to be helpful. The guides provided additional foods to meet the requiremnts of western visitors. This was very much appreciated.
Emily Singapore I'm living in China 2010.10.13 16:51
Great holiday. Landscape spectacular. The children loved the camel and jeep rides, and sliding down the dunes. Well-organised and thoughtful service from the CCC, which included the muling of breakfast essentials all the way from Beijing.
Kenneth Australia I'm not in China 2010.08.23 09:46
After reading Reece's comment I thought I should comment as well seeing as we are the parents mentioned, although it's overdue (sorry). It really is hard to pick which part of the trip was the extreme best to the best becourse it was absolutely fantastic. Esther our guide was very knowledgeable and the people were abliging. It is well worth it. Worst thing about the trip, don't sit to the front of the bus or close your eyes if you do becourse Reece is right our driver was practicing for the Formula Bus grand prix of China.
Florrie France I'm living in China 2010.05.05 16:06
A wonderful experience with camel riding and jeeps flying over steep dunes. The Moon Lake hotel is very comfortable. Even though in Ningxia, things have been a little too much renovated (pagodas, etc), and holding on to the rug on the camel is not very easy + people with back problems should make sure they can take the jolts in the jeep, still the experience is good. Kids will like it too if they are not wandering off by themselves : there was a bunch aged 6 to 11 in our group. Try to catch the sunrise from the highest dune, while furry animals, beetles and lizards scuttle nearby and birds salute the dawn! But don't expect to swim at the Sun Lake oasis after the camel ride : it's at Moon lake that it's possible, though I did not try to.
Emily Cross Australia I'm living in China 2009.10.14 13:56
Absolutely loved the contrast between desert and mountains. Would love to visit there again when there is snow on the dunes, no mosquitoes and water in the dry river beds of Helan mountains
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