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Expert Perspective
 The CCC can potentially arrange for any or all of the following personalities to spend time with your group and share knowledge with them:
• A former or current China correspondent of a leading Western news organisation.
• A Chinese professor of history.
* An author or scholar of social topics (women, population, registration household permit, migrant workers, etc.).
• A western scholar who studies traditional Chinese philosophy.
• A Chinese writer and journalist who specialises in urban planning.
• A renowned researcher on the environment.
• An expert in renewable energy.
• A Chinese TV journalist and anchor.
• An award-winning architect.
• A manager of a leading charity.
• An art gallery owner.
• A performing artist.
• A lawyer and law professor.
• A former Western diplomat.
• A healthcare specialist.
• The founder of an NGO devoted to the protection of cultural heritage.
• A religious scholar.
• A well-known consultant on information technology in China.

Just name a few.  Mostl above mentioned experts are either native English speakers or who speak pretty good English. Or otherwise an interpreter will be provided.

Contact and connect us here for details

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