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Event planning & Team-building
For shorter stays in Beijing, employees can benefit from team building activities, relaxation in between conferences or simply an opportunity to gain a better understanding of Chinese culture. Together with local experts, CCC will deliver insightful talks, presented in excellent English covering all aspects of Chinese traditions and culture.

Typical events include:
* Cultural Programs
* Hands-on experiences
* Expert lectures & seminars
Workshops & Events
* Chinese Language Training
* Chinese Culture: Calligraphy, Taichi, Qigong, Chinese Ink & Water Painting, and others
* Craftworks: Chinese knots, Chinese tie-dye, paper cutting, Chinese kites, lanterns, bristle man, Peking opera face painting and blowing candy figurines
* Social Custom: Tea and ceremony
* Games: Mahjong£¬Chinese chess and Go; cricket-fighting
* Arts: Peking opera face make-up and singing, and pictures with guests in costume
* Amusements: Traditional Chinese folk magic;
* Music: Traditional Chinese instruments, folk songs and minority dances
* Culinary: Chinese cooking class such as dumplings, hand-pulled noodles and Chinese cookery, Dish Garnishes

Lectures & Seminars
* Forbidden City and Fengshui: nine principles of Chinese Culture as seen through the Architecture of the Forbidden City.
* Yangsheng---Health care in Traditional Chinese way, to learn the theory of channels, yin & yang, acupoints and the difference between Chinese and Western medicine.
* The Characteristics of the Chinese-How to understand the Chinese Mind
* Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism in the modern life
* Chinese Year ¨C traditional calendar and festivals
* Spring festival and the spring couplet (traditional door decoration)
* Living in China
* The Story of Beijing
* Chinese Tea and Tea Ceremony
* China¡¯s current examination culture
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