Our Staff
Feng Cheng
Founder and Owner
Hometown: Liaoning & Hebei, northeast and eastern central China.

Feng Cheng has a Master's degree in English translation issued in China. He was a reporter with China Daily, the only national English-language newspaper in China. After one year, while still working for China Daily, he founded the Chinese Culture Club (CCC) in early 2000 (renamed the China Culture Center in 2008). He worked on it in his spare time (weekends and evenings) while he continued to work full-time at the newspaper. After leaving China Daily, he continued to spend all of his spare time creating the CCC while he worked as a producer at CCTV, the only national TV station in China and then as a Public Relations Manager for the EU-China Manager Training Program sponsored by the EU Delegation in Beijing. In 2004 he was finally able to work full-time for CCC. He is vigorously engaged in a wide variety of activities at CCC from cultural events and tours development, planning, web design and updates to designing tours and hosting events.

Paul Wang
Calligraphy, Taichi and Zen Teacher
Hometown: Beijing, China
Enneagram Of Personality: Type Five - Thinker / Data Processor

Paul Wang, a layman Buddhist practitioner, has studied and practiced Zen for over ten years, and has been teaching Zen meditation at the Live Zen Center (operated by the China Culture Center) for over five years. He teaches students how to build links between Zen practice and daily life.
Besides,he teaches calligraphy and taichi quan, and also gives talks on traditional Chinese philosophy and cullture at CCC.


Jasmine Zhang
CCC art teacher (ink & wash painting)
Hometown: Beijing, China

Jasmine graduated from China Central Academy of Arts & Design. She has been the freelance editor and designer for several cultural magazines before she worked for CCC as art teacher. Now she has been teaching ink & wash painting (both landscape and bird-flower type) at CCC over 5 years, and successfully hosted the annual CCC's students art exhibition. Her students are from all over the world and many of them still keep in touch with her and continue their art practise in their own countries.


Chery Yu
CCC Tea Trainer and Tea Tour Guide
Hometown:Huaibei, Anhui, Centeral North of China
Enneagram Of Personality: Type Three - Achiever/ Performer

Cherry Yu loves Chinese tea and has been drinking Chinese tea and studied the drink for decades. She travelled to major tea plantation regions of China including Taiwan to learn about tea. She is now the real connoisseur who could tell the difference between all different varieties of Chinese tea. Cherry now hosts seasonal tea tasting event regularly at CCC and also leads tea tours.

CCC Travel Team

Iris Wu
Director of CCC Travel
Hometown: Panshi, Jilin, northeast China

Iris is a typical dongbei lady - energetic, outgoing, and straightforward. She graduated from China Agricultural University in Beijing and worked a few years until in 2009 she found CCC Travel, where she feels at home in the harmonious team.

Iris has been very devoted to guiding tours. Her warm & caring personality won her the title of the Best Tour Guide of CCC 2009, and Best Tour Leader of CCC 2010. In the fall of 2011, Iris has been transfered to be senior travel consultant for CCC Travel, and was promoted manager of Travel Dept.of CCC in the fall 2012 and director of CCC Travel in the fall 2013..

Iris is very fit because she likes hiking. She is very skillful in playing mahjong.
Enneagram Of Personality:Type Three -Achiever/ Performer

James He
Travel Consultant and Registration Coordinator
Hometown: Tongling, Anhui, eastern central China

James hails from Anhui, an area noted for its culture of refined scholarship. He is a typical "delicate young man" from the south even though he has lived in Harbin for four years to finish his collage there.
James is an excellent singer in spare time. Although a shy young man in nature, he is very confident in his appearance and charisma. He's knowledgeable on a variety of topics, including girls topics and will gladly talk about them. He's an expert ping-pong player and typical of young men born after 1985 - a computer geek and gamer.

Enneagram Of Personality: Type Six - Questioner / Loyalist

Echo Liu
Travel Consultant and Registration Coordinator
Hometown: Shijiazhuang, Hebei, Central East China

Echo was born and raised in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province. She went to the Tianjin University of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism Management major, and got her Master's Degree in Hospitality Management from the Florida International University. She's a young hipster who loves fashion, is somewhat Western in her tastes; who is independent, curious, and broad-minded. Due to her enthusiasm and restless energy, the rest of the staff his nicknamed her 'Bunny.'

Enneagram Of Personality: Type One - Perfectionist / Reformist

Carrie Zhao
Senior Travel operation coordinator
Hometown: Anshan, Liaoningi, Northeast of China

Carrie is a senior staff of CCC Travel. She completed some most important moments of her life during her work at CCC - married and gave birth to a son.

Carrie majored in electric machanism in collage, and then worked as technician in a China's leading piano company and tour guide and tour operator for a local travel agency respectively before joining CCC.

Carrie earned extremely good reputation among staff and working partners for her capability, responsibilty and personality. She has granted a title by CCC as one of the most repected staff member of CCC.

May Wang
Travel Operation Coordinator
Hometown: Laoting, Tangshan, Hebei, Central East of China

Enneagram Of Personality: Type Nine - Peacemaker.

May Wang studied and worked in a tour company in Jiangxi, central China for 3 years before visiting Beijing for better opportunities. She found CCC is the right place to work. May is a detail-oriented, down-to-earth and hard-working woman. She is humerous and also nice to everyone around her. She is good at acting in the comic skits and is well-recieved in the CCC annual celebration performances.


Melissa Zhang
Tour Leader and Cultural Advisor
Hometown: Tonghua, Jilin, Northeast ofChina

Melissa graduated from Shanghai Foreign Studies University, and served as a diplomat for Chinese foreign ministry for 8 years, including some years working in Chinese embassies in two western countries.

Melissa works as a tour leader and cultural advisor for CCC Travel. She is very intelligent and responsible, and earns an excellent reputation among CCC Travel's western clients.


Andy Wei
Travel Consultant and Tour Guide
Hometown: Shi Jiang Zhuang, Hebei, Central East China

Andy graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University and served as an auditor for two years in the Beijing office of PwC, one of the world 'Big Four' accountancy firms. He enjoys working at CCC Travel for multi-functional roles as both a travel consultant and tour guide.
Andy is a man of tenderness and subtleness. Andy got his nickname Shan Cai Tong Zi (Child of Wealth) because he has crystal clear and devout eyes, putting two palms together and looking up piously and respectfully awards his master. Shan Cai is one of the acolytes of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Guan Yin) in Buddhist stories, and is paired with Long Nu. Andy won the award of the Most Popular Young Man Among CCC guests 2010 and CCC's Best Guide of the Year 2011.
Enneagram Of Personality: Type Six - Questioner / Loyalist

Finance and Administration Staff

Sunny Huang
HR and Administration Specialist
Hometown: Kurla, Xinjiang, Northwest of China
Enneagram of Personality: Type Three - Achiever/ Performer

Sunny was born and brought up in Kurle, a small city in a Mongol Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. But she is not ethnic Mongol nor Uyghur, but a han Chinese. However the hometown shaped her an outgoing and hard-working character.

Sunny married to a man from southern China, delicate and refined, the type that many girls from northwest China admire. Now she is a mother of one son and enjoys her life in Beijing.

Yu Yan
Finance Manager
Hometown: Beijing, China

Yan is a native Beijinger, who's been a capable accountant for more than ten years before she joined CCC in 2012. She’s described by her staff as "water lady", - as quiet and comfortable as water.Like a lot of women, she makes friends easily, but she’s no pushover. Yan is logical, decisive, and loves to dig into her work.

She’s a straightforward, rough-and-ready lady who loves to eat. Yet she’s warmhearted and strong, and loves children—she had a son in 2010.

Enneagram Of Personality: Type Five - Thinker / Data Processor
River Liu
Hometown: Beijing, China

River graduated with administrative management degree from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. She worked three years as tour guide and then one year in a high end restaurant before she wored for CCC in early 2007. She is keen in all jobs with numbers and has excellent memory. River is a very hard-working person and won the award of Staff Member of Excellence 2009 and 2011.

She is also interested in psychology and is inclined to read other people's minds and enjoys digging up their personal life stories & particular experiences. River has a son, a little boy, who takes most of her spare time.

Enneagram Of Personality: Type Two - Helper
Hoff Qu
System development engineer
Hometown: Yantai, Shandong, Eastern Central China

Hoff has a bachelor degree in German Language and then has studied web program development for years and worked for a leading online media company. Now he is responsible for CCC web system development and maintainnance.

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