How to join the China Culture Center

Do I have to become a member first before I attend your tours or events?

No, not really, no membership is required. CCC is open to all expatriates and visitors. Just book your events or tours online or by phone and then show up and pay the fee when you arrive.

How to join our events or tours?

It is very simple and convenient! You can just review the Events & Tours Calendar on our website and book the events you are interested in online or via phone call. Then simply show up on the day and pay the fee (except for more than two-day trips, which need pre-payment or deposit). If the schedule does not fit your needs, then you can request a private class or tour, etc.

How can I know your updated events or tours info each week?

We have a mailing list. Subscribe for a free email newsletter online and then you will receive all the updated event info every week. Then you just write to us to sign up for the events you intend to attend.

Who are your members or clients?

Expatriates & their friends and visitors

The China Culture Center is specifically for expatriates and visitors (including Hong Kong residents, Taiwanese and overseas Chinese, etc.), providing them an easy access to Chinese culture and contacts to mainland artists and experts. CCC is not an organization for local Chinese. English is the main language that we use for all events & tours. All events & tours are particularly designed to meet western needs, taste and standards.

The main members or regular participants (90%) are from Europe, North America and Australia who speak or can understand English; the remaining 10% includes overseas Chinese, Hong Kong residents, Taiwanese, and those from southeast Asia and Korea and Japan, etc. who speak English.

Most of them are well-educated people aged between 30-60. They include diplomats in the embassies to China; employees from Multinational companies or international organizations (UN, EU, etc.); or correspondents & journalists; or experts, researchers or teachers in China's organizations, universities, institutes, or international schools.

More and more individual tourists get to know CCC before they come to China, book events through the internet and join our group.

Do you have any tours or events suitable for first-time visitors ?

Yes, we have monthly scheduled tours such as Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square Walk; Hutong (lane) tour and the Great Wall Hike, Canal boat tour to the Summer Palace. Check our calendar for other possibilities.

My company has some visiting clients or colleagues; or I have some visiting foreign friends, can you do some tours or cultural events for them ?

Yes, they may join our weekly scheduled tours; or we can do customized tours and events for your guests and friends.

Payment, registration & cancellation policy

Click here for details

What types of tours and events do you organize?

* In Beijing and rural Beijing excursions

* Shanghai Walks

* Travel around China
Join-in our group or private tours departing from either Beijing, Shanghai, or other cities. Welcome to join us from abroad.

* Courses and workshops:
Taichi, painting, calligraphy, massage, mahjong, arts & crafts (making lanterns, toys); opera-face painting-to name but a few.

* Lectures & talks, book club
CCC organizes monthly In-depth cultural talks and seminars on various topics (above). The lectures/talks are all tailored to western participants, presented by outstanding scholars or experts in their fields, with excellent English narration/translation, and in traditional venue with pleasant ambiance.

The topics range from Philosophy, Religion, History, Folk custom, Geography to Social & Human Science, Education and Heritage protection.

* Festive celebrations & parties

Traditional festivals and New Year celebrations, theme parties and networking gatherings.

CCC Mission

1. The mission of the CCC is to deepen the foreigners’ understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture so as to help enhance relations between China and other world cultures. We believe that this will help to bring about a more harmonious world. At CCC, "'foreigners" are seen in two categories: short term tourists and long-term residents. CCC organizes cultural/educational activities tailored to meet the needs of both these constituencies:

In terms of tourists, CCC endeavors to provide a glimpse not only of the usual attractions but to give more in-depth explanations and show sites not so commonly known. Opportunities are also provided to attend lectures on major aspects of Chinese culture, arts, medical practices etc.
In terms of longer-term foreign residents, CCC provides in-depth lectures or study series on various aspects of Chinese visual and performing arts, history, literature, geography, social studies, religions, etc and classes on various aspects of the Chinese experience e.g. calligraphy, massage, cooking, handicrafts, games, medical practices, etc.

2. A secondary function of the CCC is to help its members living in Beijing meet other like-minded residents and form lasting friendships and an active support network. This network allows our foreign guests to seek advice from each other and provides them with companions with whom they can do their own exploring of Chinese culture.

3. The third function of the CCC is to support and restore many traditional forms of art and culture.


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