You may already know about the Songzhuang artist village or Dashanzi's 798. But the Luomahu (lit. the Rome Lake) Artists Community is different. Located in Shunyi County of Beijing (40-50 minutes' drive from the city), the community is made up of various non-academic independent contemporary artists who are very creative and active and have established their fame in China and abroad.

The village is not public space for everyday visitors. CCC arranges appointments with a handful of famous artists who will allow you into their farmer's home style studios (nice villas and gardens even with peacocks) and discuss modern Chinese art with you.

The artists that CCC picks engage in a variety of art forms, from metal wire sculpture with shadow and lighting; wood installation with Chinese rice paper wrapper and ink painting, abstract ink & wash painting, to modern oil painting and sculpture.
  • RMB 80 per person. Prepayment is required. 
    This tour requires at least 5 people to go.
    Meet at the China Culture Center, Beijing for transportation. Bring your own picnic. 

    Payment Methods:  Please click for all six payment options. Since the day tours and classes involve relatively small amount of money, we recommend you to ask your Chinese friends or colleagues to help you transfer the money by WeChat Wallet or Ali Pay, the easiest and fastest ways to make payments in China.  

    Cancellation policy: If you have to cancel after you made prepayment, please let us know (by phone call) 48 hours in advance. 50% of tour/event fee will be charged for cancellation if you do it within 48 hours, 100% of tour/event fee will be charged if you cancel within 24 hours’ notice.

  • Other contemporary Artists Villages Tours CCC arranges include: 

    Caochangdi Contemporary Artists Home/Studios Visit
    Located outside the East 5th Ring Road of Beijing, 20 minutes’ drive from CCC. More established contemporary artists with nice houses/studios settle down here)

    Note: all the three artist villages are not completely open to public, although some young artists are willing to receive strangers. CCC has partnerships with the prestigious artists and is able to bring visitors to their homes/studios.

    Songzhuang Contemporary Artists Village Tour  
    Located in the rural area east of Beijing, about one hour's drive from downtown Beijing. Younger contemporary Artists' homes and studios Visits, some are well-known and rich and some are still unknown and manage to survive.

    Shangyuan Established Artists Village Tour
    Located near the mountain area north of Beijing, about one hour's drive. More academic older contemporary artists, art professors and teachers from China's Art Academies or Collages live in these areas. Many have their own beautiful houses/studios and nice gardens.

    Qiao Zi Contemporary Artists Community Home Studios Visit
    Located in Huairou, suburb of Beijing, over one hour's drive from CCC. Many privately built huge modern studios and home buildings. The artists are quite well-established. 

    Feijiacun Artist Community Home Studios Visit
    Another artist community in the near suburb of Beijing, who seeks a quieter and affordable area for their homes and studios.

    Luomahu (Rome Lake) Artists Community Home Studios Visit
    Artist community in Shunyi, east of Beijing

    Beijing's Contemporary Artist Village Background
    In 1995, when the Yuanmingyuan (Old Summer Palace) artist community was dismantled, a handful of the original artists moved to Songzhuang Village in Tongzhou County in pursuit of bigger studio space, cheaper rent cost and a quieter environment to continue their creative works.  Over the next five years, drawn by the village’s idyllic charm and beautiful scenery, more artists decided to move into the area, thus confirming Songzhuang’s position as the largest artist community in China.  Today, Songzhuang is home to roughly 2,000 artists, including painters, sculptors, poets, writers, art critics, and photographers. They are scattered in several villages of Songzhuang, such as Xiaopu Village, Renzhuang Village, etc. 

    The artists are relatively young and famous for their contemporary and radical artworks. Most of them are freelancers and their artworks are shown in 798 galleries and galleries and museums in Europe and US.