This is a fascinating history and heritage walking tour, including a historical red building and museum featuring China's last century history; a beautiful street behind the Forbidden City; a palace-like library; a Qing Dynasty Cathedral...

We first head to the Red Building of old Peking University, from where the University students went out to Tian'anmen Square for demonstrations and initiated the famous May Fourth Movement.

You are going to learn the intellectual revolution and sociopolitical reform movement that occurred in China in 1910-20's right after the end of China's last imperial dynasty. The movement was directed toward national independence, emancipation of the individual, and rebuilding society and culture.

Then we will stroll along the old cultural Wusi & Wenjin Street, one of the most beautiful street of Beijing, We pass the corner tower of forbidden city wall and moat, a bridge divided Beihai Park and Zhongnanhai Lakes, till arriving at the old palaces of Beijing library, one of the five biggest libraries in the world. It is a spectacular palace courtyard with historical stone lions and pillars moved from the "old Summer Palace".

After that we will visit the Northern Cathedral , the oldest and largest catholic church of Beijing. It is a beautiful historical church with a combination of Chinese and western architecture. In front of the church are a Chinese pavilion and balustrades with stone lion carvings on the top. Inside the church, you will find the big portrait of the Virgin Mary and Jesus in Ming and Qing Royal robes. Here you will encounter nice Chinese Catholics volunteers.

In the end, we will stroll around the authentic neighborhood in the hutongs and visit some courtyard houses.
  • RMB 180/Discounted Prepaid Price.
    RMB 250/Door Price 
    (3 hours with English-speaking expert.)
    Meet in front of the China National Art Museum.
    How to get there: take subway Line 5 or 6 and get off at Dong Si, Exit E, then walk straight to the west.

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  • About the CCC "Backstreet Beijing" Walking Tour Series
    This is a cultural tour series designed to rediscover some of Beijing's old districts and lanes .We will walk through areas which used to be bustling with interesting popular shops, theaters, shrines and temples and residences of important people. Over 20 walking routes have been carefully designed by CCC since 2004, covering almost all areas of old Beijing within the second ring road or beyong. CCC guides will take you back in time to rediscover the history of the lanes and get a glimpse of the authentic atmosphere of old Beijing. Along the way you'll meet some unplanned surprises, some long-time, elderly residents and interesting characters, including descendants of famous people. You'll hear their stories of the streets and neighborhoods and of China in the past century. Of course, architecture, design, the artwork of the courtyards, and other cultural aspects will be discussed as well.

    Note: This series is for lovers of Beijing lore and history and those who like to walk . The talks and discussions will be detailed and the walking/tour time will be 3-4 hours or more. Each tour will be limited to 20 people.