This is a very well-received boat riding and walking tour of Beijing (available from late April to mid October), providing an opportunity to see a bit of everything in the capital, both historical sites and everyday life of Beijing. You will cruise along the imperial canal in a traditional style motorized canopy boat past Beijing Zoo, Beijing Aquarium and the Purple Bamboo Garden while appreciating the great views en route. We stop at the Purple Bamboo Garden to stroll around and meet up with a local sing-along group which is hidden in bamboo forests. Appreciate the passionate amateurs of the community singing.

Then we continue our journey by boat heading directly into the Summer Palace,and change boat to cruise on the Kunming lake. Then we continue our tour with a guided walk (mounting on the hill or take a side walk around the hill) that ends at the North gate. And then we will drive back to CCC office. (Please note that we will not visit the palaces near the east gate, as they are packed most time of the year. )

If you don't want to tour the Summer Palace, you can do a half-day tour finishing the boat ride at the Purple Bamboo Garden near the west third ring road, or at the South gate of Summer Palace.

Please bring your own picnic lunch, or request additional picnic lunch if you book a private tour (minimum 8 people).
  • RMB580/ person, door price;
    RMB 480 / person,prepaid discounted price;
    (RMB 280 for children ages 5-11)

    The price includes:

    • chartered dragon boat (reserving an entire boat just for our CCC travelers)
    • Coach send-off to the dock, transfer to boat and pick-up at the summer Palace and drive back to CCC. ,
    • Summer Palace admission fee and guided walk; and all other entrance tickets
    • CCC's English-speaking guide.
    • Drinks & snack (you have to bring your own picnic lunch)

    Payment Methods:  Please click the link here  for all six payment options. Since the day tours and classes involve relatively small amount of money, we recommend you to ask your Chinese friends or colleagues to help you transfer the money by WeChat Wallet or Ali Pay, the easiest and fastest ways to make payments in China.  Note: Prepayment shall be made at least one working day before 5pm Beijing time prior to the tour/class time (before Friday 5pm if the tour/class is on Sunday), so CCC staffs are able to check and confirm.  If you use international credit card wire the fee (which may take some time), please send us a photocopy of your receipt (a picture by your cellphone) to prove. 

    Cancellation policy: If you have to cancel after you made prepayment, please let us know (by phone call) 48 hours in advance. 20% of tour/event fee will be charged for cancellation if you do it within 48 hours, 50% of tour/event fee will be charged if you cancel within 24 hours’ notice.

    Note: Our Beijing boat tours require us to reserve an entire boat just for our CCC travelers. If the number of people who sign up is below our minimum, the cost per person would be extremely high. And being outdoors, these tours are also impacted by the weather. Unfortunately this means we sometimes have to cancel consecutive boat tours. We regret any disappointment this may cause you.

  • Meeting place for a scheduled roup tour:
    1. We meet at the China Culture Center to board the bus.
    2. Or you may meet us at the dock (see map below).  The bus will arrive at the dock around 40 minutes after departure time at CCC.  Please catch the boat on time.
    How to get to the dock by yourself: get off at the Xizhimen Subway (along blue loop line) along the North West Second Ring Road, then take a cab to the dock behind the Exhibition Center (10 minutes driving distance).

    Where the tour ends:
    We will drive back to CCC after the Summer Palace walk.

    Confirmation and Cancellation:
    CCC policy requires that you must confirm your attendance on this tour 24 hours before departure. If we do not get final confirmation from you, either by phone or by email, your place on the tour may be cancelled. We appreciate your understanding and support and look forward to seeing you on the tour, especially for foreign travelers who have booked CCC tours online in their own countries but do NOT have local contact information while in China.

    CCC reserves the right to cancel due to low enrollment at non-peak season or any unpredictable issues. In such event, we will notify you no later than 48 hours prior to the departure.