We start our walking tour from Zhushikou Protestant Church, along the Qianmen Avenue, south of Qianmen. Construction and expansion of the three-storey Methodist denomination building took place several times over a 17-year-period between 1904 and 1921. It was one of the first multiple storey buildings in south Beijing. We will join their gathering for worshiping and talk to the priests or volunteers and learn their routines and religious education and practice.

Then we explore the winding hutongs, walk along the miles long local market in the neighborhood, go into some courtyards including a huge western style building, which was a Japanese built brothel and now are crammed with many households.

We head south until we meet Xiantongtan, Altal of Agriculture (Temple of Agriculture), the imperial altar dedicated to the first farmer of China. Beside to the Temple of Heaven, Xiannongtan Altar once shared the same size of the Tiantan (Temple of Heave) with royal level of architecture (high wall, grand palaces and spacious and solemn courtyards). From about 1410, emperors came to this once-extensive site to perform rituals in which they started the agricultural cycle by playing farmer and plowing the first furrows. The site where they once toiled is now a basketball court. At the start of the agricultural season every spring, emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties performed rituals to ensure that nature provided a bountiful harvest. The main imperial groups of building are still existed. The complex and park are much more peaceful than Temple of Heaven or any other major parks of the capital. Now the Firt Farmer's Altar has been resumed partly.

In the end, we will enter into the Ancient Architecture Museum. This exhibition, a mixture of models of China's most famous architecture and fragments of buildings long disappeared, is housed in halls as dramatic as those on the central axis of the Forbidden City. These were once part of the Xianongtan Temple, or Altar of Agriculture, an interesting Ming Dynasty complex. The rearmost Taisui Dian (Hall of Jupiter) of 1532, with its vast, sweeping roof, is only exceeded in magnificence by the Forbidden City's Hall of Supreme Harmony.
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