Temple of Heaven is the imperial masterpiece of architecture and landscape design sites of China. The walk will explain (in English) the history and the architectural symbols of the Temple of Heaven and learn to practice Taichi in the park.

Professor Zhao will lead you the walk and share with you all his knowledge of classical Chinese architecture and traditional concepts reflected in the imperial garden and complex. Zhao specializes Chinese history, religion and fengshui.

Book this insightful walk with us. Your residence or hotel pick-up and drop-off services are available for your private custom-made tour.
>> learn to practice taichi with a Chen style taiji master in front of the main building of the Temple of Heaven
>> meet the locals beijingers in the park and enjoy their lively morning exercises of singing songs and operas, practising taichi and many other local sports in the woods.
>> View the original traditional scroll paitings by Qi Baishi, the most famous artist of China's 20th century.
>> Visit the 798 contemporary art complex and its cafes and restaurants.
  • CCC does not offer regular set packages for this tour. However we are happy to help you plan a private custom-made one. Please scroll this web page down to check non-negotiable fixed prices and propose a date for your own group. Please note that we do not create a private tour and then make it available for individual people to join. We also do not contact other people to add to a group tour. Similarly, we can create custom-made private tours or activities for you and your family or friends or co-workers at set-prices.
  • Professor-led Walk Price:

    RMB2500 for 1-4 people
    RMB 600 each for 5-6 people
    RMB 520 each for 7 -8 people
    RMB 400/ person for 9 people and above

    CCC services include: 
    * Professor assisted with English-speaking interpreter
    * Entrance fee for all sights mentioned in the program 

    This is a specialist-guided tour. Looking for an experienced English-speaking local guide to bring the tour for less?

    Private tour prices

    RMB 1,200 for 1-2 people
    RMB 420 each for 3-5 people
    RMB 350 each for 6 -8 people
    RMB 300/ person for 9 people and above

    Children's Price: 
    0-4 years old for free 
    5-7 years old have 50% off 
    8-11 years old have 20% off 

    CCC services include: 
    * CCC's own experienced English speaking guide 
    * Entrance fee for all sights mentioned in the program 

    Not included:
    * Hotel/home pick-up & drop-off service, available upon request.

    Please note:
    1.  We must check the date: 
       The CCC’s guide or expert may not be available at the time frame you would like to book. We will have to check with them first before we can confirm the time with you.
    2.  Prepayment is necessary: 
       Once the guides/experts are confirmed, prepayment is required so we can book his/her time. Click here for details Payment method 
    3.  Corporate Clients
           All prices listed are for private individuals.  Corporate clients will be separately quoted. 

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