Qingshan Guan Great Wall retreat features a beautiful Great Wall Fortress where you will stay overnight in one of the most authentic courtyard houses in the 600 hundreds year old fort, and with the background of peaceful great wall with few tourists.

The Great Wall at the Green Mountain Pass, suburb of Tangshan (4 hours' drive) is still unknown to most tourists, both locals and foreigners alike. The village nestled at the foot of the Great Wall and the Mountain is composed of courtyards with rock-piled walls. You will stay overnight in the most authentic courtyard houses in the castle-like village. The room is clean and has standard bathroom. The mountains will be covered with green and yellow blossom of the peach, pear and chestnut trees. The hue changes three times from the bottom up to the top of the mountains.

If you are not a hiking type of person, you can still enjoy walking around in the village, and indulging yourself in the beautiful landscape and peace for a day.

Best travel time: from mid-April to mid- October (it will be freezing from October to early April). It will be chilly or even cold at night even in May or October. You need to bring appropriate clothes. The rooms have electric blankets under the bedding, and the air-conditioner generates some heat as well.

The driving time one way is about 3.5 or even 4 hours, most part are good-quality national road. This trip could combine the Imperial East Qing Tombs on the way.
* Stay overnight in most serene and unadorned courtyard houses in the castle by the Great Wall.
* Hike or walk on very green and "wild" great wall section in Hebei.
* Visit the largest and most famous imperial tomb complex of China on the way to the wall (optional).
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