This unique tour offers you two memorable experiences on the Great Wall. The early morning hike along the Great Wall on top of the mountain range gives you breathtaking views in relative isolation, while spending the night just by the Great Wall under the evening stars – is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not to be missed!

CCC chooses one peaceful section of the Great Wall near the border of Beijing, which is less touristy, more natural and "wild". The portion of the Great Wall was built around mid 16th century during the Ming Dynasty and acted as a key military stronghold. The Great Wall snakes its way through fantastic natural scenery in the mountains. Many watchtowers dot this part of the Great Wall, from which you can see the capital city on clear days. The Wall is very steep and rocky with loose stones at times, but the views it provides are spectacular. During our hike, we’ll also spend some time walking on the mountain road so you can get a glimpse of the villages, farmland, and fruit trees that surround this part of the Wall.

Kids age: This trip is suitable for kids at least 6 years old and above, who are able to hike 2-3 hours along the steep mountain path up to the top of the wall.
* Sleeping or camping beside the wall on top of the mountain.
* The view of sunrise and sunset on top of the great wall is breath-taking, especially when there are no many tourists on the wall.
* The hike along the top of the "wild" wall is fantastic.
* Counting evening starts in the tent is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not to be missed!
  • Bespoke Tour Prices
    RMB 6000 for 1-2 people
    RMB 8000 for 3-6 people 
    RMB 9800 for 7-8 people
    RMB 1200/ per person for a group of 9 and more.
    The above prices are based on the number of adult or kid aged 12 and above. The young kids are not included in the quotes. They will be additionally charged with fixed price.

    Children's Price: 
    RMB800 per kid aged 5-7 
    RMB950 per kid aged 8-11

    CCC services include:
    * CCC's own experienced English speaking guide and a local guide.
    * Transfers in customary air conditioned coaches
    * All camping gears
    * Meals mentioned in the above description
    * soft drinks and snack

    Local travel insurance:
    Please get in touch well in advance with all passport details of your travelers if you would like to have your insurance, it usually takes at least two working days to organize.

    Please note that CCC is only responsible to carry the camping gears and breakfast up onto the Great Wall, you will have to carry your personal belongings, the villagers (porters) charge RMB200 per piece for round ways, and you pay them directly. 

    Please note:
    1.  We must check the date: 
       The CCC’s guide or expert may not be available at the time frame you would like to book. We will have to check with them first before we can confirm the time with you.
    2.  Prepayment is necessary: 
       Once the guides/experts are confirmed, prepayment is required so we can book his/her time. Click here for details Payment method 
    3.  Corporate Clients
           All prices listed are for private individuals.  Corporate clients will be separately quoted.